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Jason Huffman, trumpet

Jason Huffman was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  He holds a degree in trumpet performance and composition from the Oberlin Conservatory.  While at Oberlin, Huffman studied trumpet with Ryan Anthony and Roy Poper, and studied composition with Richard Hoffmann, Randolph Coleman, John Luther Adams and Pauline Oliveros, as well as taking single lessons with John Adams, Tan Dun and Louis Lane.  Having become increasingly dismayed by the atmosphere surrounding the lives of orchestral players and composers who wrote for the orchestra, after graduation from Oberlin, Huffman began looking for something new. He moved to Boston and after a few months found work at an architecture firm. Architecture had been a long-standing personal interest.  However, Huffman quickly discovered that many of the things that had frustrated him about life in music had nearly exact analogues in life as an architect. He eventually found the call of music too strong and began planning a return.  After his stint in architecture, Huffman worked at the Boston Public Library; at an antiques cooperative; as a bicycle messenger; and he now works as a research assistant and webmaster for a forensic psychiatrist and professor at Harvard Medical School.  This job has provided the flexibility to return to school and pursue his master’s degree in composition at Boston Conservatory, where he is a 2nd-year graduate student of Jan Swafford and Curtis Hughes.  Additionally, Huffman is an active freelance trumpet player in the greater Boston area where he lives with his fiancée Jennifer and two cats Willa and Penelope.