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Laurel Pardue, viola

Laurel is currently a graduate student at the MIT Media Lab where she is working on her fourth MIT degree building electronics and programming things.  Between her "undergraduate masters" and present "graduate masters", she served as a US Air Force officer, including a stint as a UN Peacekeeper in Liberia.  This enabled her to become the top violinist in that country (by default) and do it wearing a fancy blue beret.  Next was audio engine work for ProTools.
Laurel plays violin, viola, and also Balinese gamelan with Gamelan Galak Tika.  She is presently working on two separate electronic gamelan projects because gamelan is so good that one simply isn't enough.  In addition to plenty of orchestral and chamber music performance, Laurel is big into classical improvisation.   With dj Daps and composer Ganucheau, she's played sets of improvised acoustic violin with electronica at a handful of Bay Area electronic music festivals and where-ever we decide to go next.  Other projects have led to concerts around the globe including BAM, Mass MoCA, the port just outside of Timbuktu, and the Lincoln Center, along with performances with members of the Bang on A Can All-Stars and Kronos Quartet.  Laurel has also recorded for Cantaloupe records playing hurdy-gurdy and violin as a member of Arnold Dreyblatt's Orchestra of Excited Strings.