Cashman Kerr Prince

Trained in Classics and Comparative Literature (D.E.A., Université de Paris 8; Ph.D., Stanford) Cashman Kerr Prince retains a non-teaching affiliation with the Classical Studies Department at Wellesley College as a Visiting Scholar. He can be found leading Beacon Hill Seminars and now the Classics group at The Boston Athenæum. More recently he has made a name for himself as a music and culture critic in the Boston area, writing for The Boston Musical Intelligencer and The Arts Fuse.

His ongoing affair with the cello began as a young boy when his mother took him to the music shop; he went in expecting to get a violin and walked out with a cello. He has never looked back. After years of lessons and stints in various orchestras, he made the mistake of prioritizing other things before music. But all mistakes can be rectified so when he realized the error of his ways he made his way back to the cello. He had the good fortune to meet Benjamin Wensel who made him the cellist he is today.
Cashman can also be found playing with various pick-up ensembles and pit orchestras around Boston.