Jeffrey Freeman


I was born in Boston Massachusetts, grew up just south of Boston in a town called Hingham. I have always had an interest in music since my childhood through grade schools and have played various woodwind instruments from the clarinets and saxophones until I was introduced to the bassoon from my high school music teacher. I immediately gravitated to the instrument and spent many hours practicing and taking lessons. I was fortunate to have a high school that was very much committed to music which inspired me to be involved in the orchestra, band, jazz, and theater production groups. In addition to this exposure, Hingham had its own gem, the Hingham Symphony Orchestra. I was invited to play with the orchestra since the 11th grade and spent about 12 years playing with them off and on.

Later in life, I started getting involved with other groups, progressively improving my playing and taking positions from second to principal bassoon in various orchestras, chamber and theater groups rounding my playing abilities. Over the years, my interest in playing contrabassoon grew from seeing and hearing it in the various groups I played in. I was determined to have one and finally made the leap into purchasing a Contrabassoon. Since then, I have been playing it almost non-stop. I found what has been missing in my playing life; the contrabassoon. Much of my time now is focusing on the contrabassoon and keeping up with my regular bassoon practicing and performing. I love both and hope that with the two I will have opportunities presented to play as I so enjoy making beautiful music.

I dedicated my love and life of music to my mother who is such an inspiration and has always believed in me throughout my life. In addition, to my husband, who supports my desire to make beautiful music and all the time necessary to do so.