Julie Lin

Julie Lin is VP of Clinical Development at Dimension Therapeutics located in Cambridge, MA.  Her violin teachers have included Vera Nash, Philipp Naegele, Lynn Chang, Nancy Cirillo, and James Cooke.  As an undergraduate at Harvard College, she participated in multiple performances with the Bach Society Orchestra, Harvard Gilbert and Sullivan productions, Lowell House Opera, Music 180, and the Mather & Dunster House Chamber Music Programs.  During medical school at Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City, she was an active instrumentalist and co-organizer of the Musicians’ Guild Musical Monday concert series, the Bard Chamber Orchestra, and the Chamber Music O’Rama retreat with her husband, Frank, a talented amateur clarinetist.  A resident of Milton, MA since 2001, Julie is a chamber music enthusiast and has performed as a violinist or violist with the Galen String Quartet (2001-2005), the Lockdown(-e) String Quartet (2013-present), the Mercury Orchestra, New England Philharmonic Orchestra, the Longwood Symphony and the New Philharmonia Orchestra.  She is a proud parent of Henry (violin/viola) and Sophia (cello).